Tips for the Hikers before Choosing a Camera on the Trip

Tips for the Hikers before Choosing a Camera on the Trip

Hiking is defined as an adventurous walk through mountain top, country side, terrain regions, wildlife sanctuaries and trails, and everything excluding the urban and developed areas. And of-course when we go for such activities, the first thing that comes in our mind is, how are we going to capture the bounty of the nature?

Choosing the right camera and accessories for the specific purpose gets complicated many ways and wrongly picked objects may lead to disappointment and ruin the spectacular trip. So let’s take you through some facts that can help you pick up the perfect camera and accessories before you leave for hiking.

Tips for the Hikers before Choosing a Camera on the Trip

Will it withstand the weather variations?

Check if the camera has rubber seals in joints and various buttons, if it is present than your camera is safe from the moisture and dust as the seals will do their work. Normally, the DSLR’S don’t come with weather seals. So do thorough check the specifications and reviews before on-boarding one.

Appropriate lens selection

Generally a camera is just a combination of two important parts; the lens and the body. It is obvious that while hiking number of selfies won’t be that high (The smartphone does the magic for you in such case, right?). As the landscape photography will the first priority and for that carrying a 16mm to 24mm lens will be perfect.

Camera weight, backpacks

Some pro-photographers, who carry 2-3 camera bodies with different lenses and use them alternately for various purposes, this get bit intricate in terrible terrain conditions, as overall body weight and also matters while capturing the scenario. So play smart while carrying heavy cameras and their backpacks.

Always prefer a light weight camera if you love to shoot the movements that occur in milli or micro seconds or exist for a sort durations. The reason it will improve the handiness and you’re capturing abilities.


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