6 Tips for Beginners who just started using Spin Bikes for Workout

spin bikes reviews Fitness

spin bikes reviews Fitness

Spinning is one of the best ways to burn down a major portion of calories irrespective of your level of fitness. If you a devoted walker or a runner then spin class is the best way to balance you routine as well as challenge your body in an interesting way. Moreover, you can safely workout at the comforts of indoor. Spin classes are super fun and you will get a good amount of sweat going out with reviving music and good energy vibes. So, if you have made up your mind for joining spin classes but have just started using  best spin bikes for workout then don’t panic. Here we have listed some tips for beginners to go easy on their spin bikes.

Getting Started

To start with you must always take care of few essentials that are required for workouts. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Always remember that while working out you must put on some comfortable clothes and a good pair of sneakers.
  • Padded cycling shorts and wicking t-shirts are advisable as can make your workouts more comfortable.

Gradually get on to High Energy

If you are a beginner who has just started using a spin bike then make sure you do not exert yourself with vigorous workouts. Instead start slowly and then get on to more challenging workouts. The instructor will start the class and guide you through a hallucination of an outdoor workout. The speed and pace will vary during the complete workout. Sometimes you might need break-neck speed while at other times pedaling can be carried out at slow, standing posture. The instructor will provide you with various alternatives so that you adjust the intensity as per your strength and fitness. A beginner might workout on spin bikes for 30 to 45 minutes while an athlete can ride it for 60 to 90 minutes.

Know your Spin Bikes to get Better Results

The equation goes likes: stress on the spin bike + pace = desired results. The results can be in form of burned calories, power, mph, heart rate achieved and much more. So remember to play around with the stress on the wheels, vary your pace and challenge you strengths. Postures or positions also play a vital role while working out on spin bikes. Given below is a list of few bikes positions:

  • The first position is to have your hands down at the corners of the handlebars, shoulders down, chest open, bum down and long back.
  • Second alternative is to be above you saddle directly and then jog in a standing up motion.
  • You can also stretch your arms and hold the ends of the handlebars while you are out of your saddle. Make use of your core to stay up.

Look for a Good Instructor

Some of the instructors are group fitness junkies while others are committed outdoor bikers during the warm months. Either of them can be a good instructor. However, there are certain qualities that your must look for in a good instructor.

  • The instructor must be certified, informative, aware, friendly, motivating and inviting.
  • He must help you out in setting up your spin bikes and must guide you regarding posture, form and pace throughout the workout.
  • He should concentrate more on your pace and form rather than just being talkative.

Therefore, look for someone who can work well for your overall improvement and choose wisely.

Get a companion

It’s always great to get accompanied by someone. You might ask your friends who have just started like you or you can be friends with someone in your spinning class and ask out if you can accompany them. If you will get a company then your spinning workouts will be more fun and interesting.

Tune into some Music Fever

Music can be a major fall down of any spinning class. Therefore, look for a place where the instructor plays the music that you love to hear. This will keep you get going, release your endorphins and you will work harder to keep fitness. Music can be real motivation while working out on your spin bikes.

Final Say

Spinning enables you to balance your routine, use various muscles, workout vigorously and burn down calories at a faster rate. This is a good workout for body that keeps you fit and allows you to challenge your limits. So, gear up and get on your spin bikes.

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