Quantum Theory Could Explain Our Sense of Humor

Quantum Theory Could Explain Our Sense of Humor

The basic rule of laughter is that if you explain the joke, it is not funny. But this is not the case with humor. Have you ever imagined as to you do we find some things funny? What processes goes on inside when we find the joke funny? In fact, humor has been mystery for the scientist for a while. Scientists have been studying humor for decades and still they are not satisfied. Experts from various fields have tried their level best to explain the process of humor, but failed.

Quantum Theory Could Explain Our Sense of Humor

But recently a study was done, humor being the key point. This research was conducted at Queensland University of Technology by Kirsty Kitto and University of British Columbia by Liane Gabora in Australia. They were successful in coming up with a solution that tells us the logic behind the source of laughter. These researchers took the help of the quantum theory’s mathematical framework. Speaking in detail, the process of quantum formalism was basically used to explain the logic.

The main focus was drawn on to the eureka moment. It is that moment at which the joke is finally understood or realized by the individual. This indicates that human mind have dual interpretations at the same time. When the bisociation happens, humor is generated.

As per Kitto and Gabora, bisociation is similar to the superposition’s quantum process. Basically, it means that matter can be present in two places at once. At the time of measurement, the superposition vanishes and position becomes fixed. The same is the case with the brain when we realize the joke. Once the confusion is “solved,” or when come down to a meaning, indistinctness disappears.

Well, even though there are many other scientific ways to resolve the equation of laughter and humor, the simplest of them all is to stay happy and satisfied. It is the feeling of satisfaction that is directly connected to happiness and indirectly to the laughter.

So friends, in order to be happy and top keep on laughing, we do not need any scientific formula. Stay satisfied and stay contented. Hope you agree with us…

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