Google launches a next-generation Jump VR camera

Cameras are like storage boxes that have all the memorable clicks stored in them in the form of snaps. Looking at the tremendous use of camera and picture clicking craze among the people, there are a number of camera manufacturing companies that have come up with trendy and hi-tech cameras in order to meet their supply and demand. How would you capture the best memorable moments of your life if you don’t have a camera? Have you ever thought about it? Relax, nothing to worry about as there are a number of technologically advanced cameras being developed.

Google, the tech giant has come up with a new version of the Jump camera in order to woo the public all around the globe. The Google’s latest production is its new next generation Jump VR camera called the “Yi Halo” since the virtual reality is the new trend going around the town. The virtual reality cameras are basically used to turn the captured videos or pictures into a realistic view. Google, along with a Chinese imaging company called Yi Technology, has brought this new camera concept to life.

Jump VR camera has 17 different Yi 4K cameras that build up its whole body. Out of the 17 camera’s 16 are placed spherically while one is placed right in the center facing upwards. The camera is embedded with a jump cloud stitching infrastructure, which is comprised of the smart stitching algorithm and cloud-based software. With the help of the software, a 360° stereoscopic video can be captured. The Yi Halo camera is a milestone that marks the collaboration of both the companies.

The next generation camera has been presented at the NAB in Las Vegas on April 24, 2017. It is expected to hit the markets by this summer at a cost price of about $17,000. Though the camera may seem to make a hole in your pocket, there is no doubt that it is going to be a huge success on a worldwide basis.

So guys, get rolling as it’s time to capture the best of the moments you have been waiting for since a long time.

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