“Leave the Earth within 100 years,” says Stephen Hawking

Though it may seem like a rumor but Stephen Hawking is very sure about the plan of leaving the Earth within the next 100 years. However, you agree with Hawking, right? As there are a number of reasons, you cannot deny for leaving the Earth.

Today’s world is totally erratic in nature due to the geographical and geopolitical changes taking place on the planet. It is time for all of us to pack our suitcases and start preparing for leaving the Earth.

According to Stephen, a renowned astrophysicist, the Earth is going to go through an infinite number of changes within the next 100 years due to advancements such genetically engineered viruses, nuclear war equipments along with the rising global warming condition, which may act as a great threat. In addition to this, the asteroid strike and over population are the reasons for which people have to look forward so as to leave the Earth by 2117.

Currently, he plans to make a documentary named “Expedition New Earth” for BBC depicting the end of the Earth. It is almost similar to the show “Tomorrow’s World”, which was a popular shown last century. According to him, the colonization on another planet within the next 100 years is a must. “However, will self-sustaining be possible there?” is the next big question. Thus, in search of answers, Hawking and his student Christophe Galfard are on a way to tour the world in order to find a solution or a way to survive outside the Earth for starting a new beginning of life.

It is better to start the preparation now rather than waiting as you never come to know how time flies by. So let’s get started now or else we will have to repent later if time runs out. If we spend time fighting over the spacesuit manufacturing place, whether in China or in the U.S., there is nothing we can do later. Time is precious, so take the decisions wisely before the world around us starts crumbling down or blown up by the super powerful rays or objects from the universe.

This is a slight possibility Stephen Hawking has predicted and it is for you to decide whether to believe it or not.

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