Chevrolet starts on-field activities to #Protect Your Precious on roads

Road safety has been a serious concern in India. Looking at the figures of accidents that occur every minute in India, Chevrolet India has taken a social initiative that focuses on ‘Drive with Care—Protect your precious campaign’. The campaign will lead to on-field activities to create awareness among the people.
The campaigns will involve deployment of ninjas that will create awareness about the child safety on roads at malls and schools across Mumbai and Delhi. The campaign is already live on the internet.

The automaker has taken an appreciable approach towards road safety that highlights various mandatory road safety measures and the carelessness of the drivers, which is a prominent factor responsible for the growing numbers of road accidents.

To communicate directly with the kids and parents, Chevrolet’s safety ninjas were located at Goregaon Sports Club and Phoenix Market City, Kurla in Mumbai. The team engaged the crowd to take part in the Chevrolet Tiny Safety Challenge. The challenge will comprise of contests, safety quizzes, and road safety related activities. The Ninjas also forced the people to take an online oath for child safety while driving.

Below are some of the guidelines that are communicated as safety measure specifically for kids in the car.

  • The child with age below 12 should be well fastened with the seat belt in a car.
  •  It’s often seen that kids follow what we do. So when they see their parents buckling up the seat belts, the child would do the same. As a conclusion set an ideal example for your child by self-implementing the safety rules while driving.

The campaign for #ProtectYourPreciousCampaign includes four types of safety ninjas such Rear Seat Ninja, Lock Ninja, Child Buckle Ninjas, Seat Ninja. The role of the safety ninjas is to educate and make parents aware of the need for inculcating safety measures in daily routine.

To spread the awareness, the company has also distributed campaign video on various social media platforms and media channels. The company has tied up with15 schools in Mumbai and 35 schools in Delhi to ensure the messages are directed towards the accurate audience.

To take the pledge for your child’s safety, visit Chevrolet India’s website and Chevrolet’s official Facebook page, and show your support to


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