Some amazing facts about mother that shouldn’t be missed

Mother is an angel on the planet gifted to everyone of them in some or the other face of a human. And frankly speaking, these motherly angels are beautiful, elegant, trustworthy, honest and open hearted. But excluding these kind qualities of the mother there are some real amazing facts that you really need to know.

  • There are approximately 2 Billion mothers in the world.
  • In the total population of moms, 72% of them have a professional job and manage one-year-old kid too.
  • Average moms have changed about 7,300 diapers until the baby turns 2 years old.
  • 88% of the household laundry is done by moms, which equals 330 loads every year.
  • The oldest woman to give birth was 63 years old.
  • Mother’s day was declared a national holiday in 1914 by U.S. president Wilson.
  • As per projection, the number of single mothers is 10 million with a child.
  • Americans spend $ 14.6 Billion on gifts on the occasion of mother’s day.
  • Mother’s day formulate one-fourth sale of flowers and plants.
  • 81% of all mothers range between 40-44 years.
  • Perfume is the most given gift on mother’s day.
  • 68% of people call their Mom on Mother’s Day that totals up to 122.5 million phone calls.
  • 152 million greeting cards are purchased on mother’s day (Only in U.S.)
  • Preschooler mother spends more an average 2.7 hrs/day on primary childcare.
  • 71% of adult women claim that mom is the bestest friend ever.
  • A mother spends total 8,212 hours for cooking in 18 years of span.

There are many of the facts but these were some of the shocking in terms of figures and the amount of task our moms do. Don’t just make your mom feel special on the mother’s day but try to make each day you spent with her special. So let’s make the day special by honoring the lady who is multi talented and always has a way out no matter how critical the situation is.

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