What is this Shell’s new concept car?

We are living in the age where day-by-day the records of the population are shattered. The population numbers are significantly rising due to which the rate of energy consumption is drastically increasing. It is estimated that energy consumption rate by 2050 will be double and there will be more than 2 Billion vehicles on road. As per the global figures, 70% of total energy is generated by automobiles and alone transport sector contributes about 25 % of CO2 emissions around the globe.

Looking forward to these concerns, Shell—multinational Oil and Gas Company—has developed an option to deal with the situations related to emission. It has developed a concept car that it claims is the ultimate option for urban mobility.
The concept was developed in Bangalore facility, which is Shell’s third technology development center around the global. The design is developed in cooperation with Shell, Geo Technology, and Gordan Murray Design.

The design is inspired by Gordan Murray’s T.25 city car, which was introduced in 2010. Shell concept car is 2,500 mm in length, 1,600 mm in height, and 1,350 mm in width. If compared to Tata Nano, shell’s concept car is 52 mm lower, 599 mm shorter, and 145 mm narrower. The size of the car is so compact that it can be parked in the space that is equal to the size of table tennis table.
The uniqueness of the car is it has a centrally positioned driving seat and two passenger’s seats at the rear side. This has stroked-out the issues of manufacturing right-hand and left-hand drive steering functionality for specific markets. Other features include air-conditioning, seat belt for driver and co-passengers, impact proof resistance for front and rear side of the car, and anti-side intrusion system.
Coming on to the powerplant, shell concept car is equipped with 3-cylinder 660 CC motor made by Mitsubishi. The engine is mated with 5-speed automatic transmission and holds the capacity to churn out 43 PS of power.

The company claims that the car can vroom up to 0-100 Kmph in 15.8 Seconds. Speaking of the fuel efficiency, it can cover about 100 Km in just 2.6 Liters of petrol.
It’s pretty unfortunate that the Shell concept won’t be commercially launched for public use as it is specifically designed to test the next generation lubricants.

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