Addition of 69 new emojis as Twitter gets support for Emoji 5.0

Emojis are one of best ways to express certain feelings while having a chat with your friends or loved ones. There is a huge bunch of emojis available on several platforms and most of us have been using them frequently. Just to add a few more to the group of emojis, Twitter recently declared that Twitter is now supported by the Emoji 5.0. So, now the users can use all the emojis, including the latest ones, to convey their feelings via the social media platform.

Even though the new emojis are yet not available to everyone at present, but will be eventually rolled out to all the users on every major platform. The support for new emojis will let the user post emoji with a face with hand over mouth, face with raised eyebrow, face vomiting, a woman with a headscarf, face with a monocle, shushing face, exploding head, breastfeeding emoji, crazy face, and more via the platform.

With this new release, Emojipedia makes a note of that there are 239 new emojis introduced to Twitter. Nevertheless, after considering for skin tones and duplicates, in all 69 exclusive new emojis have been added. The users of on mobile and desktop, as well as Twitter Stickers and TweetDeck, will be made available with the new emojis. Twitter app users on Android, macOS, Windows, and iOS won’t be seeing these updates as they use native emojis for every individual platform. Remarkably, more gender-diverse alternatives are made available with Emoji 5.0. The introduction of Emoji 5.0 has brought along almost 137 new emojis in all.

By now it has been quite evident that emojis are becoming a central element of communication among people. And the addition of new emojis simply means that more words can be swapped with ease. Social media that have a word usage limit, such as Twitter, this substitute for words can be quite helpful. So, get started, you can now express your feelings even with the limited usage of words.

Yes, we know there are will always be some misinterpretation about few emojis but you can still make the most of it. Let us know which emoji you liked the most from the newly introduced ones.


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