Facebook revamps Notes; resembles blogging platform

Facebook, Inc (NASDAQ:FB) has rolled out a much-needed update to its Notes features, making it more customizable. Users can now add cover photos, add captions and format text into headers, quotes or bullets.facebook-notes-update

Facebook announced the rollout of the feature through a blog post on Sept. 25. Isaac Salier-Hellendag, a User Interface Engineer said that they are rolling out a feature to make notes more beautiful and customizable. For instance, users can post important moments in their life or update about the people they care about. Users can also share guidelines or a recipe with a bulleted list and pictures. Facebook Notes has been optimized for mobile viewing.

“With this update, you can add a cover photo that represents what your note is all about,” said the blog post.

The new update is likely to give a boost to Facebook’s publishing features, and might encourage 1.49 billion users to use the site as a blogging platform. Facebook is set to compete with rival Medium, a blogging platform established by Twitter co-founder Ev Williams. The update offers basic formatting tools, including block quotes, headers, bulleted and numbered lists. Notes also include¬†attractive layouts ¬†and new fonts that make the post look like a blog post, and not like a detailed user status.

Facebook Notes had been last updated in 2010, and in August the company did an experimental revamp of Notes in August. The experiment was a success, and users can now access the updated feature by visiting Facebook.com/notes, and can also be searched on mobile. Though the updated version is available for browser and mobile, content creation is only restricted to the web for now, but the company did not mention if it plans to add the feature later. Notes can either be shared with a group of friends or everyone on Facebook.

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