Letv Le 1s has come with the best features of the android world

letv-1sThe Letv Le 1s has been launched in India, it was the most branded smartphone when compares it with the other mobiles. It has been arrived from the company of the china and is ready to be sold in the market. The launching of the Letv Le 1s is telecasted as a live program on the YouTube and the interested peoples can watch the launch of the Letv Le 1s in the YouTube for further information.

Specification of the mobile:

It has the specifications and the features as the higher one where no one can able to find. Since each and every specification is the most powerful and work in a faster manner. The display of the Letv Le 1s is fully made of the HD display with the IPS technology of the display. The inch of this mobile is 5.5 inches with a huge improved feature where one can able to be processed the most improved technology. This has the memory of the RAM up to 3GB and this processor is of the 64 bit processor. This has been used with the 808 processor of the most updated Qualcomm Snapdragon processor combined with the RAM. The internal memory of this Letv Le 1s is of 32GB with the external memory is not needed. If you need the external memory means you can able to use the memory card for the extra process of the storage purposes. There is also no limit on using the space of the memory cards, since according to your own well and wish you can add the memory card. The pixels of the back camera are 21 mega pixels and the pixels of the front camera are 8 mega pixels where you can able to take the record the videos through the front cameras with the 4K versions.

Exclusive features of Letv Le 1s:

There are exclusive features are available only in the Letv Le 1s is that the audio of the device will be in a high quality with the most advanced features. The important features in the audio are the process of using the audio in the HD quality. And that HD audio quality will be based on the Dolby Atmos feature with the dual speakers on the front. The quality will be present not only in the speakers and also in the headphones, which can able to boost up the pride of the mobile. The Lenovo brand also created a record of using the DAC with the best quality of the playback in a useful manner. The Letv Le 1s is based on the Android OS and it has the version of lollipop of 5.1 versions. They fixed the price of the device in the market about the Letv Le 1s is of Rs.11, 000 with the 4G service temporarily. But this is not the fixed rate of the Letv Le 1s because in future, according to the demand only the price will be changed.

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