Care for your health, Invest in the Easy Fit Cardio Gym Resistance Rower

Indoor rowing machine

If you prefer to have a well-toned body then you need to do a lot of exercises and modern day exercises imply using sophisticated gym equipment like the Easy Fit cardio gym resistance rower. What is the thing? It is a product that is designed for users who are reluctant to frequent fitness centers, or take a stroll in the evening to improve their health as individuals can perform exercises right from their homes.  The product offers variable positions and is used to perform different types of exercises on the basis of individual requirements.

 The important features about the product include that it offers comfort to the users. It can be used by individuals of different age groups. Moreover, the item is lightweight.

Indoor rowing machine

Design features of the rowing machine

Some of important design features of the product are as follows:-

  • The Easy Fit rower is a versatile fitness product.
  • It allows the user to perform a host of exercises after making certain small adjustments.
  • The device is sturdy, has a lightweight steel-frame.
  • It can withstand heavy weight (300 pounds) and this feature makes it very useful for obese people.
  • Overall, the Easy Fit is a robust machine that can be used for gym purposes.

Additional attributes of the machine

Other attributes of the machine includes the presence of resistance tubes (total three in number). These tubes are used while performing exercises. The machine has monitoring devices that allow the user to adjust the settings. In the monitor, the user can clearly view all information pertaining to exercise like the amount of calories that are burnt, the number of strokes that are performed and more importantly the time that is spent on work outs.

Rubber grip on the handle provide user comfort

The Indoor rowing machine has a stainless steel handle with a rubber grip so as to provide comfort to the user. In this context, it is necessary to mention that the grip allows the user to hold the weights firmly during the training process. Yet another usefulness of the textured rubber grip is that it prevents the sweat to come in contact with the handle bar, this prevents rusting of the material.

The Cardio-Gym is easy to fit machine

For the user, using such rowing machines, foot resting is vital. In this situation also, the foot rest is made of flexible rubber material. It is designed in a manner so that the feet could be conveniently placed. The foot rests include bands that are adjustable and all this help to keep the foot firmly in place and thus avoid accidents.

If you are using a machine for the purpose of exercising then seating arrangement needs to be comfortable. Cushioned seats made of material like vinyl cloth is sweat resistant and this helps the seats last longer. Apart from the durable seats, there are textured rubber grips that are used in the machine. All these come bundled along with the product.

The product can be packed up when not in use

The product can be assembled and because of which it can be packed while not in use. It is versatile equipment.

Other Information about the machine

With the cardio gym rower the user can perform sex different type of exercises. Depending on the fitness goals of the users, the user can focus on the type of exercise that they like to perform. There are straight bars, handles in the machine and the users need to use them while doing exercises.

The important thing about the rower is that it uses low impact motion and this reduces any chance of injury or sprain in the muscles making the device an ideal choice for home users.  There are e-commerce portals that offer customers the gym machine and along with it is provided the user manual indicating how interested users can use the machine.

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