New Type Liposomes For The Drug Liberation Swim For The Past Immune System In The Body


The Liposomes are to be widely as the vehicles is to be targeted for delivering the drugs for throughout the human body. Because of the Liposomes have several beneficial characteristics. This can be recognized to the immune system in the body. This can cause more unexpected Liposomes based reactions at the time of treatment. The researchers and the scientist of the UB (University of Basel) and the UF (University of Fribourg) in the Switzerland are to be created the artificial type Phospholipid vesicles.

These are to be continuously ignores the immune power system in the body. The main purpose of the Liposomes is to transfer the drugs to all the parts of the body. The drugs are continuously eliminates the immune power to the body. The effective reactions and the side effects are displays and originated at the time of the treatment. This can cause some severe effect for the patients and the people. The immune power is important for the human beings. The immune systems are helps to protect the body from the harmful diseases. Some of the diseases are dangerous; this can cause some times death to the patients. The immune system can preserve the body into these types of harmful problems.

The new type of vesicle is to be identified in a blood serum for both the humans and the pig. This vesicle cannot cause any repose to the immune system. The scientist and the researchers can inject this vesicle to the three different pigs for the new type of Liposomes. They can monitor the reactions of the pig and to test the ECG, blood pressure reports and the other type of reports of the pig. For the second test the scientist and the researchers can inject the high amount of Liposomes into the body of big.

Again the scientist and the researchers can find the ECG, blood pressure reports and the other type of reports of the pig. The second reaction will be the force reactions, but there is no change for the immune system of the pig. The researchers and the scientist can take several times for this reaction but there is no change. The Fist type Liposome can provide the effect result for the human and to provide this effect during the treatment of the patients and the effects are arises from the liposome.

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