Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan – Gynaecologist | Singer | Entreprenuer

Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan - Gynaecologist

Dr. Mahesh Patwardhan - Gynaecologist Rahul Dravid an MBA, Anil Kumble a mechanical engineer. It’s great to see people follow their passion even after being professionally educated.

Dr Mahesh Patwardhan is professionally a gynaecologist but has pursued his hobby of singing to a large extent. A deeper look into how he has taken forth this hobby will showcase his dedication and love.

Dating back to 1987 was when he made his first professional appearance as a singer. He has done a Europe tour with Stalwarts like Manna Dey,Talat Mehmood in 1992.”Asha Once More” is a well known album and he has had the privilege of being a part of it.

He has sung for films like Hyderabadi Blues 2 and in MIFTA (2013).He has performed in over 1000 shows in UK and all over the world.

What’s more a person as versatile as him has not only kept singing to himself but promoting the same in various ways. He is a founder member and singer of an all doctor group called “Medico Melodies” which does events for charities. ORGY (Orchestra of GS Youngsters) is again a group founded and participated in by him in medical school running successfully for 13 years.

As if his clock runs for 48 hrs a day he has time to be the Entrepreneur he is in the field of Film production and Event Management. ILA Creations is a company based in UK which caters to events and promotions for the Maharashtrian community.

Events in various fields of Cricket, Music , Drama and Politics are main targets of this company. 2010 , 2011 2012 saw the light of a very popular event organised by this company called “Garga Maharashtra Maza” which has been attended by various personalities like Avadhoot Gupte, Sachin Khedekar , Sachin Tendulkar , Sunil Gavaskar and many more.

Most wives are in aww of their husbands and it’s no different for Dr.Amruta Mahesh Patwardhan. She has known Dr. Patwardhan from the age of 15 and joined medical with him. She had the privilege of delivering her first child Natasha via the safest hands in the world..Her soul mate Dr.Mahesh Patwardhan.

She describes him as someone with sheer commitment, loyalty and a larger than life personality. He has stood for the family at a rather early age of 12 yrs and is a family oriented person.

Persistence towards exercise and regime is a strong characteristic. She praises him for the fatherly figure he has set out to be and his ideology.

When we hear of such personalities it comes across as a reality check on ourselves. Some people like him have done so much in their lives for themselves, families and also towards the society. Their knowledge and respect in countries abroad bring back that respect towards their parent country. Their continuous learning and effort towards their stream make them immensely knowledgeable and experienced.

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