Chinese Stake Iphone Chip Designer Imagination Technologies To Raise Takeover Battle With Apple


Chinese Government also backed with British chip company Imagination Technologies that rises with battling the Apple designed as the crucial element. Tsinghua Unigroup, technology conglomerate is the world’s biggest chip company took the 3pc stake. Tsinghua Unigroup also states that the Stock exchange also forces the Imagination to disclose on this Monday. According to analysts the shares also jumped with 15pc with the early sign of taking over the Apple or Tsinghua as they use the Imagination’s graphics chip which is designed in the iPhone.

Apple also made the repeated meet with the Imagination. Although, it is said that Tsinghua gave $47bn (£33bn) warchest for becoming one of the world’s biggest chipmakers along with the Qualcomm, Intel and Samsung. China aims supremacy in this technology industry.

Investec’s Roger Phillips states that Chinese state of acquisition for the intellectual property is one of the strategic priority with the Imagination targeted in the left field. Recent announcement also beings that this idea would be forefront said by Roger Phillips. Liberum Capital’s Eoin Lambe also states that they presume that Apple do not let the Imagination’s technology for going China. It would ignite the sale process so that it would be taking battle.

Imagination licenses the intellectual property for the chip manufacturers that counts with the 2 Tsinghua’s subsidiaries customers like Intel and Apple have both stakes in company. Apple does not presume the Imagination’s technology for China. Sale prospect also brightened with Imagination with undergoing the majority of the restructuring aiming for reducing the repeated losses.

Sir Hossein Yassaie, chief executive for the past 18 years have left company on February amid to the shareholder disquiet. The company is also set for selling the parts of business that includes Pure, digital radio division and many more. Apple also announced that it held the talk with company in March. With changing in time, Apple also talks with other companies that have potential acquisitions. Apple also states that it is on discussion with the Imagination but they don’t have plan for taking any project.

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