Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market 2016: Global Industry Size, Share, Growth, Analysis, and Forecasts to 2021

Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots MarketMarket Research announces that it has published a new study Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots: Market Shares, Strategy, and Forecasts, Worldwide, 2016 to 2022. The 2016 study has 557 pages, 82 tables and figures. Worldwide Radiology Oncology surgical robot markets are poised to achieve significant growth as next generation systems provide a way to improve traditional open surgery and use radiology for cancer surgery. New systems pinpoint the delivery of radiation precisely, eliminating the radiological overdosing that has been such a problem previously, limiting the quantity of radiation that can be delivered.

Radiology Oncology surgical robot device markets at $4 billion in 2015 are anticipated to reach $7.3 billion by 2022 as next generation devices, systems, and instruments are introduced to manage cancer surgery through radiation excision that eliminates open cutting in the body. Patients tolerate the surgery well, walking out of the hospital after the procedure no longer bothered by healing or infection from an incision.

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Radiosurgery robots take cancer surgery far beyond what has been available, promising a cure for cancer. Radiology oncology surgical robots use mechanical mobility and continuous image guidance to remove tumors. The Accuray CyberKnife® robotic system follows the oncology target throughout treatment, intelligently delivering sub-millimeter precision, sparing healthy tissue. A robotic manipulator and a compact, lightweight linear accelerator, can deliver beams from thousands of non-coplanar, isocentric or non-isocentric angles. Treatments have excellent tumor coverage, steep dose gradients, and tight dose conformality.

The radiation oncology market is growing globally due to a number of factors centered around the aging of the population and the benefits accrued from new technology. The number of new cancer cases diagnosed annually is projected to increase from 14.9 million in 2015 to 20 million by 2025. The increase in new cases is due to a steadily aging population. Both developed and developing countries have aging populations.

Technology advances improve the precision and applicability of radiotherapy and radiosurgery. Expanding uses of radiotherapy and radiosurgery equipment occur because the units are able to treat a broader range of cases. Advances in hardware and software are creating a market for replacing an aging installed base. New designs are able to deliver higher standards of care.

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Table Of Content Of Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market:

Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Executive Summary 20
Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Market Driving Forces 20
Surgical Radiology Robotics Market Driving Forces 23
Radiology Surgical Robot Key Procedures As Elements Of Strategy 27
Radiosurgery As Stereotactic Radiotherapy 28
Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market Share Analysis 29
Radiology Surgical Robots Market Forecasts 31

1. Radiology Surgical Robot Market Description and Market Dynamics 35
1.1 Radiotherapy, Radiation Therapy, Radiosurgery, And Brachytherapy Market Description 35
1.1.1 IMRT 36
1.1.2 VMAT 37
1.1.3 IGRT 37
1.1.4 SRS and SBRT 38
1.1.5 Brachytherapy 38
1.1.6 Proton Therapy 39
1.2 Current Radiation Therapy Limitations 40
1.3 Radiology Robotic Surgical Clinical Facilities and Clinical Diagnosis 42
1.3.1 Cancer Robotic Surgery Learning Curves 44
1.3.2 Robotic Radiological Surgery Equipment 44
1.3.3 Medicare and Medicaid Impact 46
1.3.4 Medical Robotic Surgery by Segment 46
1.3.5 Robotic Cancer Surgery 46
1.3.6 Cancer 47
1.4 Brain Tumors 48
1.4.1 Causes of Brain Tumor 49

2D X-Ray Systems Market Driving Forces 53
2. Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Market Shares and Market Forecasts 55
2.1 Radiology Oncology Surgical Robot Market Driving Forces 55
2.1.1 Surgical Radiology Robotics Market Driving Forces 58
2.1.2 Radiology Surgical Robot Key Procedures As Elements Of Strategy 62
2.1.3 Radiosurgery Is Stereotactic Radiotherapy 63
2.2 Radiology Oncology Surgical Robots Market Share Analysis 64
2.2.1 Accuray 67
2.2.2 Accuray Clinical Studies 68
2.2.3 Accuray Goal 69
2.2.4 Accuray Revenue 71
2.2.5 Varian 75
2.2.6 Elekta 77
2.2.7 Brainlab 80

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