New Stagefright bugs lets hackers gain access to your device remotely

It was back in the month of July, a bug was found in Android’s media playback system, Stagefright. Later, Google updated a patch for the vulnerability. The vulnerability only needed a specially crafted text message to be sent to the victim’s device, allowing the hacker to remotely execute any code. The vulnerability had left approximately a billion devices prone to getting breached at any point of time. As it happens, the vulnerabilities of Stagefright are not gone completely.stagefright-2-bug

According to the reports, the research company that had originally found out the bug has discovered two new vulnerabilities in the system, which will allow the hackers to get into Android device and take full control of it. The report also suggests that for the vulnerabilities to work, media files of any sort will be required, It is not an unknown fact that most of the Android devices are packed with media files.

According to Zimperium, the newly discovered vulnerabilities are basically bas4d on the method by which Android devices get along with handling their mp3 files, mp4 files or any other media formats. The research team of Zimperium also added that the vulnerabilities can be accessed even more easily via third party applications.

Some experts claim that it is the third party applications that are mostly the reason to most of the risks that looms on any technical gadget. With Android the scenario is the same. The research team also added that unless Google fixes up a new patch for the vulnerability, literally all the Android devices are under the radar of being hacked.

Zimperium has stated in its blog post that “The vulnerability lies in the processing of metadata within the files, so merely previewing the song or video would trigger the issue”. The only solution that is available for users right now to not to click on any media file link as of now.

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