Inc bans sale of Apple TV, Chromecast and Nexus Player Inc (NASDAQ:AMZN) has probably taken the rivalry to a complete new level as the e-commerce giant has decided that it will not sell Apple TV, Nexus Player and Google’s Chromecast from now on. In fact, the company will also not allow its partners to sell any of the above mentioned products as well. The decision has surprised a certain sect of individuals, while to some this is of no surprise at

According to the reports, and for some market experts, this step from Amazon is something that was bound to happen at some point or the other. The growing cold war between the companies had to explode at some point of time. In the present scenario, most of the tech companies are trying to out-innovate the others in all aspects. In such a situation, selling Apple TV, Google Chromecast and Nexus Player, was certainly harming the sale of Amazon’s products to a certain extent.

In fact, Amazon is not the first company to do so. It is not an unknown fact that Amazon’s Prime Video service is not a part of Google’s video devices as well as in Apple TV.

In an official release, Amazon stated that “Over the last three years, Prime Video has become an important part of Prime. It’s important that the streaming media players we sell interact well with Prime Video in order to avoid customer confusion. Roku, XBOX, PlayStation and Fire TV are excellent choices.” Amazon did not add any information to the above statement, which indirectly makes this the explanation for them banning the sale of Google’s devices and Apple TV under Amazon or any of its partners.

It will be interesting to see how things shape up in the future with the rivalry between the companies taking such a turn.

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