11 killed in US military transport plane crash in Afghanistan

11 people on board unexpectedly met with their deaths when a U.S. Military transport plane C-130 stroked the airfield in Afghanistan after midnight on Friday. Tajwar Khan, 58, a caretaker near the base witnessed a massive explosion and saw huge fire, Khan mentioned that the blaze raged for several hours.us-military-transport-plane-crash

According to some leading newspaper the crash came hours after the Afghani troops recaptured the center of the strategic northern city of Kunduz between brutal encounter with Taliban militants, three days after they lost the provincial capital.

While the cause of the crash at Jalalabad airfield was under investigation, one of the spokesman for the Talibalan militant movement in order to tumble the government said that its fighters had shot down the aircraft, but the U.S. Military described the incident as an accident, and Tony Wickmen spokesman for the 455th Air Expeditionary Wing ruled out any possibility of enemy fire at the time, and told that the aircraft crashed shortly after take-off wholly  within the airfield.

The first responder on the accident said, Among those who were killed, five were civilian contractors who were passengers and two were Afghan civilians who were employed by the US-led international force in Afghanistan, along with six U.S. Military service members.

At Bagram Airfield a statement from the 455th Air Expeditionary wing described it as “an accident” without disclosing any details. However, it has been recorded that the number of US deaths in Afghanistan have fallen since the United States wrapped up its formal combat mission last year, although it has been noticed that U.S. airstrikes and U.S. Special Forces were also involved in the offensive encounter in Kunduz.

The Taliban spokesman Zabidullah Mujahuid twitted that its fighter shot down the plane, remarking “15 invaders and a number of slave soldiers were killed”. Even in 2011 the Taliban militants once shot down a U.S military chopper, killing all the 38 people on board.

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