Typhoon Mindulle causes heavy rain on northern Japan


TOKYO: In northern island of Hokkaido, Japan strong typhoon dispose of heavy rain that caused flooding killed one person and injured dozen’s.

Mindulle, typhoon causes landfall near Japan’s capital on Monday, submerged roads, flooded rivers, and damaged farms in Hokkaido TV footage showed.

According to the Kanagawa prefecture government, one woman in Sagamihara city outside Tokyo died in storm.

Neither any police nor local authorities had details of her death, but media reports said the 58-year-old caregiver was riding a bicycle when swept away by flood water.

On Sunday, Typhoon Kompasu, hit Hokkaido killing a man of year 40s whose body recovered on Monday which was stranded by flood water, according to the national Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

It is expected that Kompasu will be mild by early Monday and moved out over the Sea of Okhotsk.

Even though Mindulle have causes heavy rain on Hokkaido, where officials have given warning for violent winds, landslides, high waves and flooding.

According to national broadcaster NHK, Mindulle has injured at least 61 as it whirled across Japan’s northeastern region.

On Monday, Mindulle leads to cancelled more than 500 flights, mainly to and from Tokyo’s Haneda airport.

Officers evacuated the control tower due to strong winds at the Narita international airport placed east of Tokyo closed its runways in the afternoon for about an hour.

According to the Fire and Disaster Management Agency, more than millions of people have been evacuated since Saturday.

In Hokkaido, more than 2,700 people left their home on temporarily to public shelter between Saturday and late Monday, the local government said.

In Tokyo flooded river tree break suddenly, including one that fell on rails at a train station in central Tokyo, causing the temporary delay on Monday of the loop line that circles Tokyo’s urban core.

The Japan Meteorological Agency said the storm was on track to leave Japan by midday, also over the Sea of Okhotsk.

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