Britain exit will not kill EU Italy, France and Germany are confident


Rome: The leaders of Italy, France and Germany demanded forcefully that Britain exit would not quit European Union.

Speaking aboard an aircraft carrier anchored off the Italian island of Ventotene, one of the cradles of the dream of a united, integrated Europe, the leaders vowed to relaunch the European project in the wake of the Brexit shock.

“Many thought the EU was finished after Brexit but that is not how it is,” Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi said. “We want to write a better page in European history

“It is easy to complain and find scapegoats and Europe is the perfect scapegoat. But it is also about peace, prosperity and freedom.”

Europe was faced with a risk of “fragmentation and division” and needed a “new impulse” on economy, defence and security including ensuring jobs and education opportunities for young people, French President Francois Hollande said.

Angela Merkel, a German Chancellor recollect birth of European Union which is came from “darkest moments” of European history and feels need to deliver ensured job in future.

The three leaders were speaking about dinner on the Italian navy’s Guiseppe Garibaldi aircraft carrier.

Renzi called the meeting to created common position in order to forward summit of the 27 remaining EU states in Bratislava next month.

Europe’s jihadist attacks, relations with Russia and Turkey economic outlook, the Syrian conflict, the refugee and migrant drama all will sort out.

The Brexit vote has raised fears of similar referendums in other countries, particularly the Netherlands, who restricted to the EU to achieve closer integration.

Coming with satisfactory outcomes will not east specially with Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland affirm after Britain exit to halt their own plans for a less centralized EU.

Renzi had earlier taken his visitors to the serious of Altiero Spinelli, who is one of the founding fathers of the ideal of European integration.

Caged island by the fascist government during World War II, Spinelli and fellow captive Ernesto Rossi co-wrote the “Ventotene manifesto” occupation for a federation of European states.

The choice of the Garibaldi for the working dinner and press conference was also highly emblematic. The carrier is the flagship of the EU’s “Sophia” mission against people trafficking in the Mediterranean.

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