SAARC summit: Nepal reached to decision environment not favorable to continue SAARC summit and will discuss to states member for new dates


Kathmandu: expressing worry on the regional environment is not favorable to hold the next SAARC Summit, current Chair of the grouping Nepal on said member states should ensure their territories not use cross border terrorism.

The Kathmandu Post reported, an official from the Nepali Foreign Ministry have said they will inform to all SAARC members about reschedule of summit which is condemn to held on 9-10 November.

Rishi Raj Adhikari, Foreign Affairs Adviser to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal said, as the chair of SAARC Nepal ensures that the summit will hold as early as possible and both dates and venue to other member of countries.

Adhikari has responded after India on Tuesday saying that, “growing cross border attack and interference of the one country in internal issues of the state member creates environment which is not helpful to hold the 19th SAARC Summit in Islamabad”.

On Wednesday, Bangladesh, Afghanistan and Bhutan have expressed their failure to attend the conference.

On Friday, Sri Lanka became fifth country in the eight-member regional grouping of the summit inducement Pakistan to postpone the summit.

On Saturday, Participating in the UN General Assembly, Prakash Sharan Mahat, Nepali Minister for Foreign Affairs who return from the US told to media that discussion will be held with state member to ensure the summit to hold.

Mahat said, discussion about summit is hold after dialogue with all the group member of the country and accordingly dates will be finalized after ensuring full participation from all the countries.

He invited all the group member of countries to take part in such vital discussion for the development of the region.

It is not clear whether Nepal will send their representative to all state members or organize a meeting of official in the middle of and without reaching to any conclusion of venue and dates.

SAARC has faced such unstable situation before also.

Nepal has sent a special representative to New Delhi and Islamabad in year 2002 to dilute the situation, the summit will held later on.

The decision of the New Delhi came in addition to summit after stir of the September 18 terror attack on an Indian Army camp in Uri town of Jammu and Kashmir which left 19 soldiers dead.

However, Nepali officials firm to reach on agreed accord on rescheduling of summit in Islamabad or any venue decided.

Adhikari said, “Once foreign minister arrived and we will decide on in next few days how to work on it.”

All the decision will take according to accord.

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