iPhone 6s: User faces issue after Restoring Old Data from Android Device

It’s true that a lot of iOS users are reporting battery issues after upgrading to iOS 9.0.1. The theories about how the issues are taking place in an iOS device are not yet confirmed by Apple, so we cannot really arrive at conclusions.apple-ios-9

Now, the iPhone users face different issues that pertain to the volume control after the upgrade. It only happened recently, after Apple came up with a new app only for Android users, who are willing to or wish to make a switch to apple in the near future.

How do we get your new iPhone ready to acquire data from your old Android device?

You can simply do this by disabling the pass code section in the settings or the Siri access on the lock screen could also work it out. At that point, you’ll also get to know about the feature that lets you restore your data from a previous device. Now, here’s the trick. It’s obvious that most of the users who switch to iPhone are Android users.

Apple tries to get more sales in markets, by showing that the Android users, why they need to make the switch. It’s interesting to know that an iPhone can transfer files and emails to a computer, when it’s unlocked and this would help the user to make any transfer, when the phone is locked, once it’s already connected.

Once your transfer is done from your old phone to your new phones, you have more to do. After transferring the data from the old Android device, the device display looks weird, reported by many Apple iPhone 6s users. It is still unclear, whether Apple is looking for the issue to get resolved immediately.

In the meanwhile, TechCrunch recently reported that Apple has also updated its privacy settings that has sufficient information about the new version of iOS 9.0.1, and also the features, services associated with it.

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