iOS 9: Wi-Fi connectivity issues, which increases your data bills

Are you looking for Wi-Fi assist on your iOS 9? If you fail to find it, then it’s quite an obvious possibility that it would be hiding under your other pile of apps for a change. Apple has made it a point to enable the Wi-Fi feature on your handset

But, it could certainly tax the data plan that you already have. When you do seem to approach the data plan that you have, the service carriers do notify you quickly. But, if you are lucky enough to have an unlimited data plan, then you can continually use your Wi-Fi without worrying about the usage of data.

Also, the iPhone doesn’t really notify you of the fact that it has suddenly made a switch to 4G and you could be watching a video and not really aware that it’s not on Wi-Fi.

Though iPhone users are way too much, there are several concerns that one must be aware of before actually buying one. Due to the sudden switch to Wi-Fi without notice, the users have realized that it could be their weak Wi-Fi hotspots that are creating problems.

The Wi-Fi Assists feature automatically toggles between Wi-Fi and data and you wouldn’t even be aware of it. There are also rumors that this feature has caused the abnormal high hike of data charges among iOS users. Some claim that it reached $17000 for a certain user, though we all are pretty much aware that this feature was launched two weeks ago, and this bit of information is untrue.

The early users of this upgraded version of iOS have faced a huge set of problems due to the technical glitches. But, yet some smart users have turned off the Wi-Fi assists feature, and luckily prevented a huge loss of money through data usage. Yet, the recent upgrade does seem to have stirred anxiousness among the newer iOS users, nevertheless.

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