Poll: Hillary Clinton is running five points ahead by Donald Trump


WASHINGTON: according to result of a latest poll, Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential nominee is running ahead Donald Trump, Republican opponent by five percentage points in tough race for precedential to the White House.

Clinton is leading with 49% against Trump’s, he is lag behind with 44% according to result of latest poll released by CNN/ORC.

CNN described this toughest race between them to the White House.

Libertarian’s Gary Johnson and Green Party’s Jill Stein are lagged by three and two per cent respectively.

Poll said yesterday, as per RealClearPolitics, which keep the record of all major polls, Trump, 70 year old moving slowly and Clinton is 5.5% points.

According to CNN/ORC poll, Clinton is reached at 53% among under age 45, as compare to 47% in the previous poll.

The news channel reported, currently Clinton is moving ahead by Trump among 50-64 age groups, Trump by 4 pints in recent poll.

Clinton is leading with 12 points among women, on the other hand Trump trail narrowing three points among men.



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