US criticize terror attack on police training centre: Quetta


The US has criticized terror assault on the police training centre in Quetta, where more than 60 cadets have been killed. The US consoled the people and government of Pakistan and takes suitable action against terrorism working combined with its associates.

John Kirby, State Department Spokesman said, “We have extends out sympathy to victim and their families in such difficult time, the police cadets who lost their life and choose public service as a career,”

John Kirby said, “We support people in the Pakistan and its government in such difficult time and jointly work with our associated to fight against v threat of terrorism,”

Quetta assault is one of the biggest deadliest attacks carried out at night, three terrorists on the Police Training College on Saryab Road in the Balochistan regional capital Quetta, has to play with 60 cadets also three militant dead and 118 injured.

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