Top beaches in Goa to celebrate New Year

Ashwem Beach, North Goa

When you ask any Indian about his party destination for New Year, 99.9% answer that you will be likely getting is—GOA!!! Yes, this is the truth. The happening crowd, the ambiance, and the energy are the main things why people are attracted towards Goa. Here are the top beaches in Goa that you can consider for partying…

Mobor Beach, South Goa

Mobor Beach, South Goa

When most of the party happens in North Goa, this beach is located in the south. If you want something relaxing and free-from-the-crowd place, the Mobor beach is definitely the place for you. The beach will be not so familiar. The reason—it has been a secret hideaway and only local crowd enjoys there.

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Ashwem Beach, North Goa

Ashwem Beach, North Goa

Ashwem gives wonderful experience for those who are fond of serenity and quietude. Even though the beach is situated in the north where most of the party happens, it is an exceptional case.

Calangute/Baga Beach, North Goa

Calangute Baga Beach, North Goa

The most happening place in Goa at the time of fests is Calangute and Baga beaches. Situated in the north of Goa, it is obvious that these beaches will be populated at the time fest. With a DJ playing Trans all night, you will be lost in the impulse of the surrounding.

So friends, get ready and pack your bags. Decide the beach and get set to party hard for New Year. As the earth is on the verge to finish a rotation around itself and end 2016, 2017 will be a lot more exciting year. So keep partying and party hard this time!!!!

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