Apple is Trying to Fix IPhone Roaming Charges


Apple’s senior vice president Eddy Cue has declared the company is working on fixing roaming charges incurred during overseas trips. In an interview with The Evening Standard, Cue said he was “trying not to get roaming charges” while spending time in London, with the interviewer noting how expensive mobile data was abroad. “It’s sad, it’s another problem,” responded Cue. “We’re trying to fix it and we’re making a little bit of progress but you’ve got to convince a lot of people.”


Cue’s comments are not definite, but it’s been rumored in the past that Apple is interested in setting up its own MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) a mobile service that would be run by Apple using network capability leased from other carriers. Apple has denied these rumors, stating that it has not discussed and has no plans to offer its own mobile service. However, several moves the company has made suggest it’s interested in circumventing carriers in the mobile ecosystem.

Cue did not give any further hints on the subject during the interview, but did touch on the possessions of Apple Music — the three-month free trial of which expired this week.

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