Facebook Updates Its New Feature News Feed

Facebook Updates New Feature News Feed

On October 6, Facebook renovated its new feature “News Feed”. The facebook users who has weak internet connection requires more time for loading content on facebook. Therefore facebook comes with News Feed feature so that content loads quickly even with weak Internet connections.

Facebook Updates New Feature News Feed

Many of Facebook’s users in developing markets are with weak 2G connections, like the regions India, Brazil, Mexico etc, where it is difficult or time consuming to load pictures and videos that utilize more data. Facebook is taking more efforts to get more users from these developing countries as it has largely saturated the US and western European market. .

The Facebook app is able to upload articles, images and videos based on the strength of users’ connections. If they have weak connectivity, News Feed will select content that is easier and faster to load, such as text articles or posts.

Facebook employees in India expressed slow connectivity that often made the app frustrating to use, said Tom Alison, Facebook’s director of engineering. The company then sent a team to India, dedicated to delivering a faster News Feed experience in areas with weak connections.

“News Feed is a product you tend to want to check regularly throughout the day, and that’s not possible when it’s slow to load,” Alison said.

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