Dutch trains will be 100% powered by wind-generated energy

Going green by energy consumption has become vital goal for all the nations. Many countries have achieved the goal and some are making progress towards it. There are many methods innovated to utilize the green energy in a productive way.

All Dutch trains are running on wind-generated energy right from the start of the year. The Netherlands previously declared about its plan to run all its trains with renewable energy by 2018. But it seems that the officials were so curious that they proved their word by completing the task one year before the deadline.

Dutch has in total 2,200 wind turbines across the country. The wind generated from those windmills is enough to power 2.4 Million homes. The average power consumed by trains is about 1.2 Billion Kwh/year.

This achievement was accomplished in partnership with Eneco—Dutch-based sustainable energy provider.

The contract between Dutch Government and Eneco also signifies itself as an invitation to other sectors to join the cause in order to reduce CO2 emissions. Hence, the emissions by this sector were significantly reduced after the implementation of “go green” concept.

The Netherlands has rapidly adopted the energy generated through renewable sources. Looking forward, many countries are also curiously working to boost its renewable energy production.

Wind farms located in Scotland are capable to fulfil 106% of country’s energy needs. The country has also invested in tidal power generation projects as an attempt to achieve its 100% zero-carbongoal by 2020.

We are in the midst of the green revolution and this is the best time to achieve the goals that can save our Mother Earth.

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