EDF upbeat on India’s Renewable Energy plan

Using renewable energy for power generation has been an important aspect since few years. CEO and Chairman of EDF Group, Jean-Bernard Lévy, in a talk with Economics Times said that his company is having positive thoughts about renewable energy plan of India and aim to expend $2 Billion in this area, however, has found it difficult as the country is not taking any steps to exploit the vast hydropower potential.

Let’s take a look at few more points stated by Jean-Bernard Lévy.

What’s on the list for your business in India?

India is an economy growing at a fast pace requiring up-to-the-minute solutions for its energy demands, which are offered by us. Specifically, I have 3 important points on my list, which include helping India to urbanize by enhancing its energy solutions. The other aspect is renewable energy—no one produces energy from renewable as we do. The company has set its base in wind and solar-based energy in India. Last, but not the least, goal is to make India equipped with French-based technology and nuclear energy. India stands in the top 5 countries for us.

You have aimed to spend $2 Billion on renewable energy in India. How is it progressing?

The company will reach around 500 MW installed power of wind and solar energy together. We aim to achieve 2 GW in the near future. Our teams are evaluating and bidding in numerous states and have found it to work good in few states such as Gujarat.

What do you think about this future perspective of EDF group? Feel free to share your thoughts.

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