Easy Steps to Reset the NVRAM/PRAM on Your Mac

Easy Steps to Reset the NVRAM/PRAM on Your Mac

Do you own a Mac? Yes? Then, despite the fact that your Mac generally bustles along like a finely tuned machine, occasionally it may act weird, giving you a “?” sign when you turn it on, for instance, while trying to boot from an external disk or other glitches. Need not to worry. Today will help solve you this issue. Before that, let’s have a look on exactly what NVRAM and PRAM are and how are they associated with your Mac.

Easy Steps to Reset the NVRAM/PRAM on Your Mac

NVRAM, or even PRAM on some Macs, stores Mac settings including time zone information, screen resolution, from which hard drive to boot, and other. It cherishes the data it contains even if your Mac is switched off or unplugged; hence, it is also known as non-volatile RAM. Intermittently, it may happen that NVRAM gets corrupt in turn causing the booting process of your Mac from wrong drive, or not even boot at all. So, in case you are facing any issues with your Mac, the uncomplicated and easy troubleshooting way is to simply reset the NVRAM.

Now that you are aware of the facts regarding NVRAM/PRAM, let’s get you to the steps of resetting it. Resetting the NVRAM/PRAM is a simple 3-step procedure.

  1. Switch off your Mac (make sure it is totally turned off).
  2. Now turn on the Mac and immediately when the initial startup sound is heard, and before the grey screen appears, press the Command+Option+P+R keys till you hear Mac sound the second time. The second-time sound indicates that the NVRAM/PRAM has now been reset.
  3. Lastly, let go the above keys allowing your Mac to boot up in a normal way.

And the process of RESET is over. Don’t you think it is simple? Do let us know how your experience was. If, in case, you face any issues while following above procedure, write to us. We’ll be back with answers for your questions.

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