FORPHEUS: The First Table Tennis Robot

The First Table Tennis Robot

The next generation is going to be a robot-led generation. The robots created across various regions have baffled the researchers after looking at their capability to tutor, work, efficiency, and compatibility with the human kind. Have you thought about a robot becoming your tutor? “No,” right? So here comes, “FORPHEUS”—a new and first of its kind robot table tennis tutor developed by the Japanese researchers. So guys, pack your bags for a Japan trip if you want to get yourself well trained in table tennis with the help of a perfect tutor.

The First Table Tennis Robot

The robot has earned a Guinness World Record owing to its skills in table tennis tutoring. As per the Guinness World Record officials, the robot has earned the titled due to its artificial intelligence and teaching techniques. The robot has a number of sensors for capturing motion or vision made during the match by the trainee. The robot showcases an image of where the ball will land to the student so as to further enhance his skills. The robot FORPHEUS keeps a track of all the details played during the game using its intelligence or algorithms so that the rating of the students is made possible.

According to Omron Corp., the Japanese electronics company, it developed the robot to enhance the human–robot relationship and not only teach table tennis.

For now, it’s the humans who are teaching the robots how to work or behave and may be in the coming years, it can turn out to be vice versa. The robot can teach the robots itself or humans in the coming 20 years or so.

It’s going to turn out to be a killer spin for the future.

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