iPhone 7 tops the EU5

The European Union Five, abbreviated as EU5, witnessed a new situation that will be marked as a history. Appleā€™s iPhone 7 topped the list of sellers in EU5. The smartphone held a share of 22.7% in the EU5 market with a rise of 2.4% points.

Basically, the EU5 contains the top 5 countries of the European side that includes members of France, Italy, Germany, Britain, and Spain. A report was presented by the consumer research firm Kantar World Panel located in Spain. The report claimed that iOS was able to achieve success across most of the regions. There were a few exceptional cases such as Spain, Japan, and Urban China. On the other hand, Android continued its success stream in all the regions except for the U.S.

The report also claimed that iOS and Android are the top two dominating operating systems that are ruling the market. Other operating systems such as BlackBerry OS, Symbian, and Windows are steadily losing their grip in the market. They fail to attract the public.

The above situation was made clear in the MWC 2017 event held in February 2017 in Barcelona, Spain. The comeback of Nokia and BlackBerry made clear that it is Android that will help them stay in the market. Hence, both the companies took Android by their side, dropping their old OS, and emerging freshly in the market again.

Even though the iPhone 7 has dominated the EU5, it is the realm of Android all over the world. Android occupies 83.2% of the market in the Urban China. In the U.S., the situation is little different. Android is losing its grip in this region having only 56.4% of share with a decrement of 1.8%. On the other hand, iOS accounted for 42% of share with a boost of 2.9% from previous.

Well, it seems that iOS will soon dominate the world.

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