Airbar: Turns Mac Book Screen into Touch Screen

Airbar: Turns Mac Book Screen into Touch Screen

It has been seen that every second a new concept strikes in someone’s geeky brain and every single day there’s a new device or technology developed around the globe. No Matter if it is just a single hairpin (should be smart) or the supersonic jet, it counts in the new inventions.
Neonade, a technology firm, has launched an Airbar specifically for Macbook.
The device is for those who love to swipe their fingers on the display of their Macbook. Apple has come up with its touch screen enabling device—Airbar. The device has a magnetic sensor that is to be assembled at the bottom edge of the screen. Hence, it can put your Macbook in a category of touchscreen laptops.

Airbar: Turns Mac Book Screen into Touch Screen
Apple claims that enabling the touch screen feature in laptops makes the machine impractical and uncomfortable to use.

And the best part is that the device costs only $99.

The gadget sends out a light that cannot be seen and creates a field across the screen, this allows the normal screens to collect the input produced by the hand gestures. The device uses the laptop’s USB port to send out those gestures signal into the command software such as switching windows, zooming, swiping and pinching.

Previously, AirBar was only limitedly available for Windows 15.6 inch laptops. But from now it will be available for 13 inch Macbook Air. The pre-booking of the $99 Airbar has been initiated with estimated delivery by March.

Neonade has also assured to launch more of such devices that can be supported on the Apple laptops.

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