Purple Rock Discovered On Mars By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Purple Rock Discovered On Mars By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Mars has been known as a red planet due to its appearance and structure captured from external and internal areas of the planet.

Purple Rock Discovered On Mars By NASA’s Curiosity Rover

Looking at the newly discovered data, it seems that Mars has started to show its colors.

NASA’s Curiosity rover on Mars has taken some outstanding images of the mountainous landscape along with purple-colored rocks.

The photographs were captured near the base of Mount sharp. The pictures were shot by Curiosity rover’s Mast camera know as Mastcam, on Nov 10.

Mount Sharp is escalated 3 miles (5 kilometers) starting from the center of Mars’ 96-mile-wide (154 km) Wind Cavern.

“Blustery weather and wind propelled sand in this part of Curiosity’s navigation in this period keep the rocks moderately free from dust, which in another way that can shawl the rocks color”, said NASA’s officials in a statement.

Previously in 2012, the rover also found some evidence that signifies that this area might have witnessed microbial lifecycle in the past.

Moreover, excluding the findings of the purple rock, the curiosity rover has also captured the footage of mount sharps high deposits and it will continue its exploration journey through the mars.

The task of the rover will be to ascent upward towards Hematite unit that is surrounded by clay and sulfate unit.

Thus, this expedition would be among the highest destination ever planned.

Due to the discovery of these colored rocks, scientists now have some serious stuff to study in terms of material science associated with colored rocks.

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