Apps to assist you get booze at affordable prices

Imagine a scenario—A man walks into a bar. He operates his smartphone, opens an app, and orders a drink of his choice. Well, this is not any ‘walk into a bar’ joke!!! In fact, this is a base idea of few of the many startups. You can also refer it as alcohol on the cloud.

Recently, three startups in the market are using the above idea for making a fortune. HipBar, Hipcask, and The Bar Stock Exchange are the startups that are looking forward to providing users with the booze of their choice at a rate that is economically affordable.

But, don’t you think that these types of apps are too risky as a startup? Will they scale as quickly as others? And speaking particularly about these three apps, all of them are operating in the same one single location. Then, is it possible for them to flourish? All these apps are gambling on rising disposable incomes, rapidly evolving consumer behavior, and the growing availability of global liquor brands all around the nation.

One main important thing to notice is the concept of beer passport that these apps have brought into the trend. The beer passport helps you in giving your choice of booze, especially beer, at very affordable rates.

The Bar Stock Exchange, also abbreviated as BSE, is a well-known bar business enterprise that was established in 2014 in Sakinaka, Mumbai.

On the other hand, HipBar is a mobile wallet that has been certified by Reserve Bank of India. It single-handedly covers a network of business startups that serves or sells alcohol.

Moving towards the next startup, Hipcask started off as an app that solely focused on content. It later transformed into its current avatar and now is three years old.

Well friends, do you think that these apps might success?

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