Hairbrush That Listens To Your Scalp and Hair Breakage

Hairbrush That Listens To Your Scalp and Hair Breakage

For all the people concerned about hair breakage and scalp pain while brushing, there’s a new technology that L’Oreal has brought for you people. The hairbrush is something everyone carries around no matter where you go.

This hairbrush is cost-effective, handy and consists of a microphone, accelerometer, a number of sensors and a gyroscope that adds to this high-tech hairbrush. The hairbrush has disposable batteries with no charging port and a waterproof body. It can share the data about your hair quality and breakage through Wi-Fi or bluetooth.

Hairbrush That Listens To Your Scalp and Hair Breakage

The brush has a sensor that vibrates if you brush too hard. It has built in microphones that record the hair breakage sound. It has sensors that give you a data related to how you handle your hair, your hair quality and monitor the effects of different hair routines followed. Guys and gals, isn’t this something we have been waiting for. Yes! Imagine your hairbrush listening.

According to Guive Balooch, the Vice President of L’Oreal, the number of women concerned over hair damage and breakage is vast. Therefore, there are a number of companies trying to launch products with sensors into the market.

Thus, L’Oreal Hair coach has tried to develop something that is beauty tech that does not damage the hair and will be more beneficial on the other hand. They are still trying to add more to the hairbrush in order to make it even more advanced.

This product is something that will be sold as a product of luxury in the coming years.

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