View Your Network’s Data Usage on Google Wi-Fi

View Your Network’s Data Usage on Google Wi-Fi

Do you have Google Wi-Fi at your home? Well, there are many great things that you can achieve using Google Wi-Fi. You can pause the internet connection of by using the Google Wi-Fi app. You can also prioritize the devices that are connected to Google Wi-Fi. All these things can be done using the Google Wi-Fi app. But between these things, one factor that we overlook is the amount of data that we use.

View Your Network’s Data Usage on Google Wi-Fi

Have you felt the need of calculating how much data has been used on your Wi-Fi? Well, if you want to find the amount of data used, normally you have do a little bit of router hacking or use a third party app. But this will not be the case if you are using Google Wi-Fi. Here is how you can check the data usage of your Google Wi-Fi.

  • Open the Google Wi-Fi app. Tap the middle tab with the sign of a globe.
  • Once you click on the middle tab, you will be directed to a new panel. In the new panel, you will see your network’s name. Tap the circle present beside your network’s name.
  • Once you click the circle, you will see a list of devices connected to the network.
  • Tap on any of the device name.
  • Once you click, the app by default shows the data usage for the last 5 seconds.
  • To view the history, click on Last 5 Seconds. You will see options such as 24 hours, 1 day, 7 days, 30 days, and 60 days.
  • Tapping on each of the options will show you the data used for that much period.

You can also find out as to which device has used the most data. Google Wi-Fi gives you the exact amount of data that all the devices connected to the Wi-Fi have used.

So friends, hurry up and find your data usage.

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