Tesla vroom up the electric car market by delivering 25,000 EV in 1Q

The future of the cars will either be based on its automation capabilities and electric power distribution. It will be like choosing a phone from smartphone and normal keypad cells; of course, it’s going to be a smartphone. Consumers are more inclined towards adopting the latest technology where the cost isn’t that prioritized.

Tesla, the ruler of the electric revolution has delivered about 69% of the vehicle which is about 25,000 vehicles in the first quarter. As per the details, the overall delivery included 11,550 Model X SUVs and 13,450 were Model S sedan.

The fourth quarter was pretty disappointing owing to the rising production hurdles and transition to new autopilot hardware. These hurdles resulted in 9.4% of delivery rate fall.

Tesla agreed the fact that complication in production that commence at the October and went on until December, and as a result, the vehicle scheduled delivery got delayed. Looking at these overall deliveries scenarios it clearly clarifies that, it isn’t the situation where Tesla don’t have orders, the fact is a slight disturbance in the production line has hampered the expected figures in terms of quarterly targets.

Tesla chief executive Elon Musk has taken huge risk frequently since the company went public in 2010; although investors got horrified after the said after he said that in February, the Company might get even more close to the edge as it is critically focusing on Model 3 Launch and have burn loads of cash for this.

China’s Tencent purchased a 5% stake in Tesla recently for $1.78 billion. This gave the company a huge investment and as well as a huge investor to make itself ready for the launch of mass market Model The midsize, high-volume Model 3 sedan is due to go on sale later this year in the US.

On Friday Tesla share value closed at $278.30 and on NASDAQ the shares have ascended more than 30% so far this year.

Tesla now is intensely focusing on its upcoming Model 3 release which one of the most rumored and requested model. The model 3 has been in news since a long time and people expectation for Model 3 is high in terms of performance and features.

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