Social Skills May Save Your Jobs

Social Skills May Save Your Jobs

In today’s world, the fear of losing job has dwelt in the minds of billions owing to the rising digitalization. People are in a dilemma that their jobs are no more secure and one day, robots will snatch their jobs like taking a candy from a child!!! And as a matter of fact, seeing the current situation, this fear of the population is valid. But there is one backdoor that can act as a solution for this problem.

Social Skills May Save Your Jobs

Populace with personality qualities such as great intelligence, interpersonal skills, and vocational interests might be less probable to be a casualty to this automation, claims a study.

Big data and machine learning will permit the number of errands that machinery can carry out better as compared to humans to elevate so quickly that simply towering the levels of education will not be sufficient to sustain with job automation.

“The solution to this is in exceptional human skills,” said Rodica Damian, lead author and Assistant Professor, University of Houston, the US.

The answer printed in the European Journal of Personality revealed that a key could be to discover efficient intercessions to elevate some personality qualities—being industrious, for instance, or doing well in social interactions—or awareness in actions connected to the sciences and arts.

“Robots cannot carry out as better as humans when it comes to multifarious communal interactions. Humans also do better as compared to machines when it comes to errands that need a high degree of complexity or creativity that is not scheduled. The moment you need flexibility, the human nails it,” Damian said further.

For the research, the squad employed a database of almost 346,660 humans to examine at how a diversity of background and personality factors calculate whether an individual will choose errands that are more or less possible to be mechanical in the coming period.

“We discovered that in spite of social background, individuals with advanced levels of extraversion and maturity, superior levels of intelligence, elevated interests in sciences and arts inclined to choose into less computerized jobs,” Damian claimed.

In the end, the tagline says—in order to save your jobs, upgrade your skills!

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