Hike Launches Hindi News Application of Messaging

Hike Messenger

Hike Messenger

The worldwide popular and instant messaging platform -the Hike is now launching it Hindi news in the application of messaging. After millions of millions of hits to the English news stories in the application, the hike takes the decision to launch the Hindi news Feed in its application.

This news feed will provide the lump of news including the various sector like entertainment, sports, technology and trends, politics, and other categories.

The Hike Messenger is being felt proud to provide the news in Hindi for its users, as they have studied deeply and understand the pattern of the content the user are researching for.

So the hike is now available to provide the news in both the languages that are Hindi and English, the user can switch between Hindi and English just by an easy click of a button.  This is a new effort towards the development in Indian Application. Thus, Hike is hoping to grow in new trends.

As the Hike platform has 35 millions of registered users and 1.5 million of user subscribed the English news feed. Thus, to grow the numbers the hike is thinking to provides the news in local languages and grow the business following to Whatsapp and Viber.

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