Smart Car Care Tricks for winter

Smart Car Care Tricks for winter

Winter is the season of celebrations, feasts and travelling. But the season doesn’t seem to go smooth with your cars many a times. So here are some tricks which can save your time and probably help you out when it actually causes trouble.

Smart Car Care Tricks for winter

Snowy Windshields

Unfortunately, if it happens that you had to park your vehicle outside in snowy winters, you are definitely going to get stuck in the morning due to zero visibility through the windshield and windows. In this case, combination of 500 ml of alcohol, 200 ml of water, and a drop of dishwashing detergent into a spray can help melt the ice.

Frozen car lock

The frozen key lock has always created an eleventh-hour problem while we are in rush. But applying hand sanitizer on key and then unlocking the door would be the best method to avoid such issues. It works due to the alcohol ingredient in the sanitizer.

Window fog

It is very risky to drive with fog all over the windshield, which is also the major cause of the road mishaps in winter. To avoid this, rubbing the glass with chalkboard eraser can disappear the smudgy glass and fog away.

Frozen headlights

Inadequate lights in winter can smash you with a big trucker or any obstacles, as the lights play a vital role in winter for indication. If the surface of the lights gets frozen, clean it for once and apply wax on the surface which will avoid snow and moisture to get into the lights. Hence, this will give you a safer ride for your trips.

Do try these tips and share with us if you have any to add in the list. Have a happy celebration.

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