Valentine’s Day Special: Facts about love

Valentine’s Day is the day that signifies love, care, and affection for your loved ones. What is love? Everyone have their own definition for love. Love is pure, it is sweet, it is painful, and it is a mixture of feeling, attitude, and states of mind. So, let’s get known about few facts about this special feeling—LOVE.

  • It can take only 4 minutes to make a decision that you like someone or not. This decision is specifically based on the body language.
  • When two lovers stare into each other’s eyes, their heart rates harmonize.
  • Knowingly trying to keep a new relationship top secret intensifies romantic feelings for each other.
  • Cuddling elicits the similar neurological response as having painkillers.
  • Falling in love has same neurological effects as those of cocaine.
  • When 2 strangers are demanded to talk and keep an eye contact for some time, it can make them fall for each other.
  • Expressing appreciation toward someone you love can cause an instant spike in your happiness.
  • Love causes a fall in serotonin—a symptom of OCD—making you be obsessed with your partner.
  • On average, an individual can fall in love 7 times before getting married.
  • When you see someone you like or are interested in, you experience butterflies in your stomach. That is, in fact, a stress reaction because of adrenaline.
  • Heartache is actually real. Rejection ignites a strong activity in the regions of the brain connected with physical pain.

Were you aware of these facts? Hope, you enjoyed reading these love facts. Feel free to share if you wish to update our love facts list.

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