Last-minute Valentine’s Day decorating ideas

Have you not planned anything for celebrating Valentine’s Day yet? Then this can surely help you out. Listed below are few ideas to make decorations and make it a sweet and memorable day.

Conversation Cupcakes

Instead of the regular candy hearts for Valentine’s Day, you can create your own adorable conversation labels with heart or different shapes and place them on the cupcakes. You can get the printables too.

Easy Doily Garland

You can even make a doily garland. To make it, just fold into half the 6-inch doilies. With the aid of a double-sided table, fix a slender ribbon in the groove of each doily. You can use hand-cut tiny hearts or a paper punch and then fix them with a double-sided tape to the center of every doily.

Sweet Cupcake Toppers

Decorate the sweet, simple cupcake with cupcake toppers that are quite easy to make. Create cupcake flags. For this, you have to cut a bit of attractive scrapbook paper and then fold it into a half. Rest a section of a double-sided tape across the length of the flipside. Now, put a lollipop stick of about 4-inch in the fold, and double the paper. Cut the end that the paper takes a flag shape. Make use of hand-cut tiny hearts and affix them on the flag to make it more attractive.

Love Letters

With the use of reasonably priced chipboard or wooden alphabets encased in attractive and decorative paper, spell out your partner’s name or L-O-V-E.

Hope, now you have few last-minute ideas to make it up for your Valentine’s Day.

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