Turn your smartphone into a PC using Remix OS

“Can you turn your mobile phone into a PC?” is a question that baffles you. However, Jide Technology has given this question a positive response. They had earlier developed a Microsoft Surface-like tablet and an Android version for the desktop PCs. The company has made it to the news again by developing “Remix OS” for the mobile phones which can turn them into a PC after connecting it to a monitor. Remix OS provides a Windows 10-like Continuum features and a new custom ROM for Android.

Download Remix Singularity on your smartphone and connect it to the monitor to experience a PC-like feature. The new ROM enables you to transform your smartphone by docking it with Remix Singularity into a full copy of desktop PC by just connecting it to a monitor, keyboard, and a mouse. The major advantages of the Remix OS are that they are free to download, other Android apps can also be accessed, maintains an Android ecosystem, and is highly cost beneficial. However, there is a drawback that the Google-Play store has to be side-loaded.

The Remix OS is expected to be launched in the second half of 2017. This is going be highly productive in terms of cost and utilization in the coming five years due to the more number of people using the Internet. This new custom ROM is going to outdo the earlier released Continuum features on the Lumia 950 XL, Lumia 950, and Ubuntu tablet.

Won’t it be amazing to see your phone as a desktop computer? So here comes, the smartphones as dockable PC – an awesome technology.

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