Google Maps adds yet another New Feature

Google Maps adds yet another New Feature

Google Maps is one of the location-search providers, but now its developers have planned to change its horizon to a new level. Google Maps is currently in the news due to the constant introduction of new features to the app. The latest update to the app is something not everyone may love neither would they hate it. It’s a personal choice that Google lets you make.

Google Maps adds yet another New Feature

The current new feature added to the app is the “location-monitoring” feature which can help you track every movement of your loved ones such as family or friends. The Google Maps are already installed in most of the smartphones; all you got to do is update it to enjoy the latest feature. This new feature is to test the public as to how much of personal privacy are they willing to share with the known and unknown. The app can also be downloaded on the PCs. The new feature is a bonanza for the people in the real sense as you don’t have to call or message your location to the concerned people. Doesn’t it make your work easier? However, not everybody is fascinated by the idea of sharing their whereabouts with their loved ones.

Speaking about its activation, all you got to do is tap a button present near the search bar and pick the member from the contact list and your location information is sent to the concerned person. If in case the other person does not have Google Maps installed then a link is sent which can be opened to trace the other’s location.

Generally, the location sharing feature can be a cause for friction in relationships, marriages or among parents and children due to the constant need to keep a check on their partners or child’s location. But the control on whom, when, and for how much time you want to share your location added by the company is not a bad idea either. This is not going to change anything in any manner. The new feature of Google Maps is set to compete with the biggest apps in the markets such as Glympse.

Guys, Google Maps are the eyes that can track you, no matter where you go.

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